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EBPC is a not for profit social enterprise providing a wide range of NHS Urgent and Primary Care services.

At EBPC it is our vision to continue to deliver outstanding primary healthcare out of hours to the community of East Berkshire and beyond to enable people to live healthier lives through better access to primary care services.


We strive to continually improve the accessibility of primary care services for everyone, bring innovation to the sector and reduce the amount of pressure NHS services face, while not compromising on the care of patients. Working together as one team to continually deliver consistent, quality care in a cost-effective way.


We expect staff and patients a like to be treated with respect, and to work towards improving the health of everyone living in the communities we serve.

Our Core Values 
underpin everything we do at EBPC

Care – patients are at the heart of everything we do, the needs of patients always come first above everything else.

Passion – staff are empowered and passionate about improving the lives of others.

Teamwork – we work together as one team to shape a healthier future and deliver outstanding healthcare.

Integrity – people trust us to deliver, we always do the right thing, to make a difference to those we serve.

Respect – everyone matters to us and every person we encounter is treated with dignity and respect.

People – treat every patient as an individual with compassionate care to deliver a positive experience at an often-difficult time.

Diversity – everyone living in the communities we serve is entitled to appropriate healthcare no matter their background or situation.

Quality – we provide an outstanding quality service that delivers real value, taking ownership of the service we deliver to meet the needs of our patients.

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